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Top 5 things that have changed since August 8, 2016


Yes. We HAVE to charge you now to test juices, or kanthal, or for cotton, etc. We can no longer give anything away for free per the FDA regulations.

2. We cannot tell you that vaping is a "safer alternative to smoking."

We are also not to tell you that vaping is a way to successfully quit smoking, or that the vapor that is emitted from your vaporizer isn't smoke. (Even from our own persoanl experiences.)


Know what's going on.

Helpful links to learn more.

Yes. Even if we know you, bro.)

4. We are no longer permitted to assemble your equipment, as we would be deemed as Tobacco Manufacturers per the new rules.

This includes: Troubleshooting, replacing coils, filling tanks, adjusting setting on your mod, etc. (We CAN help talk you through it though. WE understand that this is very frustrating, but help us help you.) 

We CAN install stock coils after you purchase and open the seal.

5. The clock has officially begun for ALL THE PRODUCTS you see in this store to be BANNED FOR SALE by the FDA. August 8, 2018 will be the FINAL DAY you will see any of these products for sale that have not applied for and obtained a PMTA.

Vaping is literally being vaporized by these regulations, unless YOU do your part! Contact your local law makers, and ask the to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment and the HR2058 bill that are both trying desperately to save the industry. There are also advocacy groups, that you may donate to, that are working diligently for us to continue to be able to enjoy this freedom. CASSA, SFATA, OHVTA along with many others are working hard for us. We should be working equally as hard for ourselves as well!

Do your part. Get involved.

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